With Habitat for Humanity Kingston Limestone Region

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Habitat mobilizes community members to build and renovate houses that can be sold to qualifying families through an affordable mortgage.

Our homeownership program offers the following:

We invite you to learn more about our application process below!

The Application Process

1. Eligibility Criteria

Families should review the minimum eligibility requirements to ensure they are eligible to apply. The requirements evaluate the need for affordable housing, the ability to pay a mortgage, and the willingness to enter into a partnership with Habitat.

2. Expression of Interest

Completion of a short form gives Habitat a high-level view of current housing need and financial standing. Within one or two weeks, Habitat will contact the applicant to relay feedback. If the application meets eligibility requirements, an invitation to submit a full application will be given. Habitat is open to sharing information with an applicant about their eligibility.

3. Full Application

Eligible applicants will be required to submit supporting documents to confirm the information being provided. Once submitted, there will be a meeting with Habitat to complete the application form.

4. Application Review

This review takes between 2-4 weeks

5. Decision (Pre-Approval or Decline)

Pre-approval is based on the information submitted at the time of application. It means that the family has demonstrated that they meet all the eligibility requirements. They will sign a pre-approved partnership agreement and begin down the path of homeownership. 

Commonly Asked Questions!

What is the Partnership Program?

Partnerships are key to the Habitat for Humanity homownership model. Habitat for Humanity forms partnerships with all levels of government, local agencies/organizations and community members to get houses build or renovated. Once a project is complete, Habitat finances the purchase of the house in a partnership agreement with eligible purchasers. Homeowners benefit from an interest-free mortgage and affordable payment. When the house is sold, they will share in the market growth with Habitat. As homeowners pay down their mortgage, their share of the market growth with increase. 

I'd like to apply, but I do not currently live in the Kingston Limestone Region

Our partnership opportunities are currently available to residents within the Kingston Limestone Region. There are many Habitat offices across Canada. We encourage you to visit https://habitat.ca/en/apply-for-housing/find-a-habitat-near-you and find your local Habitat office. 

I am looking for housing right now. Do you have any houses available?

We do not typically have houses available to purchase. The application process can take 1-2 months and if pre-approved, families will need to complete 500 hours of sweat equity. It typically takes families between 8-12 months from pre-approval to complete their volunteer hours.

If you are looking for housing now, we recommend that you contact The Housing Help Centre for assistance in locating a rental unit https://kingstonhomebase.ca/housing-help-centre-2/

What do you mean by financially stable?

Purchasing a house is a lot of responsibility in the short term and long term. We want to ensure that applicants can demonstrate that they have strong financial management skills. Good budgeting, paying your bills on time and not taking on too much debt are all signs of strong financial management skills. 

For all other questions or inquiries, please contact our Housing Partnerships Manager at dcampbell@habitatkingston.com or 905-207-5017